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Choice of products:

  • Relationships with world-class manufacturing partners
  • Promotes “open”, non-proprietary system solutions

Trico Security, Inc. is a leader in security system integration in the truest sense of the word. Trico Security, Inc. researches the industry to find world class manufacturing partners of card access and camera systems that will provide a solid, reliable foundation for any corporation’s future security “roadmap”, whether that “roadmap” is five years out or ten years out.

Using open architecture, non-proprietary equipment assures that the customer will always have choices on equipment manufacturers as well as servicing company options. With today’s mergers and acquisitions with both manufacturers as well as service providers, any company looking to add or upgrade security equipment should be doing their due diligence and aim to have non-proprietary, open architecture equipment installed. This provides the customer with the flexibility to not only purchase different manufacturers products, but to choose what company provides the on-going service if they become dissatisfied with their current provider.

Trico Security, Inc. installs, services, and can project manage systems nationwide with our own technicians as well as a vast network of well vetted partners throughout the United States. We specialize in multi-facility clients that would like to standardize on security equipment and maintain a “single source of contact” for installation and on-going service.

Choice of service:

  • Avoid sole-source service dependency
  • Promote non-proprietary service solutions

Our motto at Trico Security is: “We don’t want a sale, we want a customer”. Call us today and let us educate you on the future of the security industry. The education is not only invaluable…but free.

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